RSR Global RFID Pouch


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Size: 8” x 4.75”
(Holds up to four sets of key fobs)

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Product Details

Protect Your Vehicles, Passports & Credit/Debit/Cards


  • Simple and effective solution to vehicle theft.
  • Protects against key fob repeaters which are used to steal push button start vehicles.
  • Extra large signal protector pouch (8” x 4.75”).
  • Holds up to four sets of key fobs.
  • Carabiner included for easy hanging.
  • Great as a travel pouch to protect passports, mobile phones, debit and credit cards.

Pricing $19.99/each + applicable taxes (provincially)
CDN Funds Only

*Only key fobs inserted and secured in back pock of the signal protector pouch are protected. Works with most key fobs, ask for details